Swedish and circulatory therapies using long strokes, kneading and friction techniques are used to promote general relaxation, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension.
60 minutes…$80
90 minutes…$120
120 minutes…$150

Deep Tissue
Firm pressure body massage using the hands, elbow and forearms on specific areas to release muscle tension.
60 minutes…$100
75 minutes…$115

90 minutes…$130

(Pre or Post-Event Massage) Invigorating, deep and specific to certain muscles or muscle groups. Focuses on specific areas utilizing joint mobilization, cross fiber or trigger points to promote rapid recovery, muscle strain or injuries.
60 minutes…$90
90 minutes…$130

Ultimate Back & Neck
Therapeutic and deep massage to focus on the areas where tension and stress accumulate.
45 minutes…$70

Hot Sea Stone
Hot stone therapy application can increase circulation by facilitating the lymphatic system and removing toxins from the body. Smooth, healing, hot stones are used as a tool to help heal and unlock the body, bringing deep relaxation and balance to the muscles and systems of the body. 
60 minutes…$90
90 minutes…$130

Mini Sea Stone - Add On
Back, neck and shoulders - a decadent addition to any massage or spa body treatment.
15 minutes…$30

Aromatherapy Raindrop
Experience the healing affects of aromatherapy. Specific blends of essential oils are dispersed like drops of rain and massaged along the spine. Balance your body, mind & spirit.
60 minutes …$85
90 minutes…$130

Pregnancy Massage

This therapeutic massage utilizes an adaptable bolstering system to assist the needs of the mother-to-be as the body grows and changes. It provides a nurturing touch for relaxation and relieves stress on weight bearing joints and alleviates neck and back pain.

60 minutes…$85

Reflexology is an ancient art that relieves tension and promotes health through massaging meridian reflexes in the feet.
60 minutes…$80

​​Youth Massage

To soothe the delicate muscles of the maturing youth who participates in sports and high levels of competition (18 years & under).

45 minutes…$55


There are many different types of massage. Most professionals use a combination of the techniques mentioned below to customize their service.

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