Vanessa earned a degree in Holistic Health at the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego in 2001 and continues to further her education in massage therapy today. She uses a variety of massage styles in which she creates custom sessions depending on the needs of her clients which includes deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, neuromuscular, pregnancy, Swedish massage, and reiki.

Mike has been a licensed massage therapist since 1992 and a holistic health practitioner since 1994. He is national and state board certified; president of the San Diego Sports Massage Team from 1995 to 2008; a runner since 1973; yoga practitioner since 1975; yoga teacher from 1977 to 2005; and a member of the San Diego Track Club and the San Diego Triathlon Club. Your massage session with Mike is geared to your specific concerns: a sports related problem, deep tissue, relaxation, or a combination of several modalities.

Shane has studied and practiced healing arts since 1995. She studied at the prestigious International Professional School of Bodywork and School of Healing Arts in San Diego. Shane uses education and intuition to provide clients with individual massage and spa body treatments such as Tui Na, deep tissue, relaxation, prenatal, aromatherapy, sports massage among others. Massage therapy is one of Shane's greatest gifts and passions.

Danae, a 4th generation native to Point Loma/San Diego, has been the successful owner and director of Peak Performance since 1992. Danae has a bachelor's degree in sports medicine with 2 years of postgraduate schooling in massage therapy and holistic health. She has a master's degree in Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She has furthered her studies in sports and a neuroscience-based style of acupuncture.

With over 30 years of experience Danae has a unique ability to blend traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine. Although musculoskeletal conditions, injuries, and pain management are her main focus, she treats a wide array of conditions such as sleep disorders, anxiety, addiction, migraines, among others. Her modalities are built around the whole body and individual needs which include electrical stimulation, massage, acupuncture, stretching, functional medicine, cupping, trigger point work, fascial release as well as providing herbal and nutritional advice for many of her patients.

We are home to a team of eclectic and skilled practitioners who have a passion for delivering the highest quality of care. We are professionally trained experts in the latest techniques and products and our service and dedication to our clients are unsurpassed.

We hope you make the healthy choice and visit Peak Performance Holistic Therapies. Please look through our list of services.

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Jill graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1999 and completed an internship in China. She has maintained a general practice at Peak Performance since 2002 years. Many patients have benefited from acupuncture for a variety of conditions including sciatica, digestive disorders, and fertility issues. Jill has a passion for helping others and making a difference in their lives.

Cherrel is an Ayurvedic counselor who has studied abroad in India and a licensed esthetician of 7 years. She uses ancient traditions with modern technology to create a holistic approach to her treatments. This includes organic self-formulated products and a thorough assessment of the individuals health. She believes beauty starts from the inside and this is the ethos behind her practice.

Katarina graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, earning a Masters of Science in traditional Oriental medicine. She is a certified and licensed acupuncturist by the California acupuncture board. Katarina feels passionate about the holistic principles of Chinese medicine and its fundamental philosophy to attain harmonious balance in the body to strengthen and restore health.

Taylor is a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist and clinical herbalist. She holds her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Health and Science, and Bachelor of Science from Louisiana State University. She is able to combine the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine with conventional biomedicine and recognizes the benefits of each to effectively treat her patients. With a background in management consulting, she understands the powerful role stress plays in overall health and emphasizes stress reduction, sleep, and healthy digestion concurrently with all other treatments to support overall health. With personal successes in acupuncture, she loves to help others cultivate a healthy lifestyle and welcomes patients with all conditions.